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Norsk bokmål (Norway)English (United Kingdom)

Astrids Glass ANS was started by Astrid Hanssen and Willy Andersson in 1995. For the first couple of years we rented studio time in various glass studios mostly in Sweden. Since 1997 we have created our own studio in the old barn at our farm at Østheim. Astrid grew up on the farm which has been in her family for three generations. The way the farm is run has changed radically over the years. Originally this small farm supported some 14 people but in the next generation the family consisted of only five people who also had to seek other employment in order to survive. At the present day, Astrid and Willy look after the farm in their spare time and work fulltime in the glass studio. They are accompanied by their cats, Rrruth and Latte.

Astrid’s grandfather, Hans Hanssen, cultivated and sold apples. All that remains of his orchards are a single Åkerö tree and a red Thorstein apple tree. Both of these trees, representing all that remains of her grandfather’s management of the farm, are sadly on their last legs. High up in the branches of the Åkerö tree there is now a blue glass apple in memory of the past and as a reflection on the new opportunities for making a livelihood that new generations bring with them.

The glass furnace, holding 50 kilos of molten glass, was designed specially for our needs. The furnace melts “cullet” which is recycled glass shards and this is more environmentally friendly than melting raw chemicals. Less energy is needed to melt the cullet and the volume of exhaust gases is much reduced. Colour is introduced into our wares during the hot work and we make exclusively our own designs. Each item is unique and is signed before sale.

In recent years Astrids Glass has also begun to design various sorts of jewellery using glass and silver.

This television show was made by "Herlige Hjem" on the Norwegian tv cannel FEM, please press here to se the show.